Dr. Roger W. Popp, CN, Chiropractor, Founder

Dr. Popp graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1973. He began his practice in Woodburn in 1976, and began practicing at the current Nutrition Oregon location in 1979. He is very thankful for all God’s blessings on his family and business and has been fortunate to serve many families, some who have been clients since the very beginning.

During the past nearly four decades, Dr. Popp continued to expand his knowledge and expertise in the area of nutritional therapy which has included much traveling to some incredible workshops in order to stay on the cutting edge of natural and alternative healing.

He has dedicated his life to addressing the health of men, women and their families. Through Nutrition Response Testing he has helped thousands of patients restore their health, many times even after the most dismal news from their doctors.

Dr. Popp officially retired in October 2020 and currently resides in Idaho with his family. Dr. Popp continues to provide chiropractic and nutrition care at Nutrition Oregon on a monthly basis.