Lesley Brighton - FNTP, PC - Owner

Advanced nutrition response testing practitioner.

Lesley found her purpose when she found Nutrition Oregon 11 years ago. Within weeks of employment she saw what she believed were miracles happening with the clients and she knew one day she would do this work. Thus began the journey of reading everything she could get her hands on, assisting Nutrition Oregon founder Dr. Popp, and marketing the office, all of which inspired her go back to school and pursue her Nutritional Therapy Practitioner certificate as well as completing the Advanced Clinical Training for Nutrition Response Testing. When she isn’t working she is enjoying every moment she can with her family on the lake jet skiing, paddle boarding and boating. She is an avid runner and loves pounding the pavement with her best friends.

Lesley has always been interested in health. Prior to Nutrition Oregon, horses had been Lesley’s passion. She was an Advanced Clinical instructor and certified horseback riding instructor. She traveled to a part of the nation certifying instructors, which is what brought her to Oregon from Canada. She also graduated with an Equine Studies Certificate and during her studies at Equestrian College she loved studying nutrition and especially equine anatomy, physiology and massage therapy. Understanding the mechanics of the horse’s body and how nutrition affects its function and movement was just a stepping stone to working with in nutrition with people. The one thing she loved most was how horses helped to heal the emotional, spiritual and even physical components of a person.

Being a Nutrition Response Testing practitioner fills that same passion for Lesley. Seeing how nutrition affects, heals and gives people their purpose back brings Lesley a joy that is indescribable. She believes that this modality of testing is truly a gift. Long term health issues are resolved. Auto-immune disease is being reversed, kids’ emotional balance is being restored, allergies are gone, and chronic health is improved. Hope is alive!

She looks forward to meeting you, serving you, and seeing you restore your health and hope.