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Dr. Roger Popp  Lesley Brighton, N.T.P.
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We here at NutritionOregon strive to offer our patients the most support possible on their journey to Ultimate Health.  This page will provide you with different links, educational information and recipes that will help you succeed on the program that has been designed for you.  The articles and materials are available to you just by clicking on the link, then you are able to print any necessary pages.


Are you staying away from certain foods or ingredients?  Here are some resources for you to print out and have with you while you do your shopping.  This will help you read the labels and become more educated about the foods we are eating and buying.
            Living Soy Free

Living Wheat Free

            Living Corn Free

Types of Sugar


Proof Positive for throwing away your Vitamin Supplements
The Lure of Synthetic Vitamins

 Whole food Sources that Support Bone Health

Spend your Hard Earned Money on Natural

            Dietary Guidelines

How to Read Labels

            The Healing power of Bone Broth

 Healthy Recipes

            Nutrition Guide

    10 Steps to Good Health and Permanent Weight Loss

    Cholesterol Myths

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